• Partnering

  • Accellta develops customized processes, protocols and corresponding media for culturing stem cells in 3D suspension, under feeder-free, adherent-free conditions.

    These solutions dramatically reduce the time and cost of stem cell manufacturing and enable the culturing of high quantities and densities of stem cells (>40 million cells/ml) of consistent, well-defined and homogeneous cell population.

    The company enjoys a rich IP portfolio and has already completed several agreements with multi-national companies. The intellectual property assets of Accellta include a portfolio of patents pertaining to novel techniques and products, including:
    • Pluripotent stem Cell culturing
    • Growth media for feeder-free culturing of hPSC
    • Stem Cell expansion in suspension
    • Stem Cell culturing as single-cells in bioreactors
    • Stem-Cell controlled differentiation
    • Medium formulation
    • Human foreskin-derived feeder cells
    Accellta maintains a state of the art facility that includes GMP-compliant clean rooms, laboratories and offices with a total area of 6000 sq.f.
    The company regularly partners with biopharma and cell research companies to developing custom-made solutions for pluripotent stem cells and stem cell-derived differentiated cells, such as neurons, cardiomyocytes and hepatocytes for research, drug screening, drug development and clinical trials.  The company is always interested in establishing new dialogues.