• 3D expansion of stem cells
    Traditional pluripotent stem cells are grown as adherent cultures, with limited and expensive scalability.
    Accellta solves the scale-up and cost challenges of stem cell culturing using the Maxells™ solution.
    Maxells™ cultures stem cells in suspension as clusters devoid of feeder cells without micro-carriers. Using dynamic bioreactors, Maxells™ provides a vastly cost effective means to expand stem cells in customized quantities.
    Maxells™  delivers unprecedented magnitude and quality. Based on proprietary protocols developed by Accellta, it can be applied to create both research-grade as well as in clinical-grade feeder-free xeno-free cultures.
    • Concentration: >20 million cells/ml
    • Expansion factor: X25 in 10 days
    • Suitable for undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells and progenitor cells
    • Does not require enzymatic splitting
    • Rock inhibitor-free, xeno-free defined medium
    • Medium easily refreshed every two-three days
    • Straightforward perfusion process in bioreactors
    • Easy transition from suspension culture back to adherent culture
    • Feeder cell-free
    • Homogenous exposure to medium’s nutrients
    • >95% of cells are pluripotent; <5% spontaneous differentiation
    • Karyotype stability
    • High viability rate

    Maxells™ suspension culturing technology can be used on Accellta's cell lines, or following tailoring modifications, can be used on a customer’s distinctive cell lines.