• Dr. Michal Amit, CEO & CTO
    During the past 19 years, Dr. Amit has dedicated her research work in laying the methodological groundwork for appropriate pluripotent stem cells culture. She conducted her Ph.D. degree in the Department of Medical Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine, Technion. Her thesis dealt with the isolation of human embryonic stem cells and their directed differentiation into blood cells. In 1998 she joined Prof. Thomson at the University of Wisconsin where she was trained in growing and isolating embryonic stem cell lines. Upon her return to Israel she derived the first human embryonic stem cell line in Israel, third worldwide. Her areas of expertise are in the derivation of primary cell lines (adults, embryonic and fetal), culture medium development, cells mass production using dynamic systems, stem cells directed differentiation, and good manufacturing procedures. Dr. Amit has published articles describing novel culture methods for culturing pluripotent stem cells, culturing stem cells in carrier-free suspension, as well as studies on stem cells directed differentiation methods. Her research experience is recognized with over 45 published papers which all together were cited about 10,000 times, as speaker with 30 national and international invited lectures, 15 patent families, and as co-investigator on grants in the field of pluripotent stem cells research. Some of these patents were used as the base for establishing Accellta, a stem cells company, where she serves as the CEO/CTO and co-founder. Dr. Amit also wrote a book summarizing major culture methods for human pluripotent stem cells. On the academic side, she had trained over 10 graduate students and resident medical student research projects. In recent years, Michal serves as a Senior Lecturer at the Ephraim Katzir Department of Biotechnology Braude College.

    Yael Garfinkel CPA, CFO
    Ms. Garfinkel serves as Accellta’s Chief Finance Officer, She previously worked as the group controller of Bateman Engineering and Polygal Plastics Industries.
    Her internship was at PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers - Israel).
    Ms. Garfinkel holds a BA in accounting and economics from Haifa University and holds CPA license from the Auditors' Council of Israel.

    Dr. Hagit Domev-Cohen, R&D Manager
    Dr. Domev-Cohen is a senior researcher with rich experience in stem cells science and technologies. Her research ranged from studying the differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells, to the immunological properties of the cells. Dr. Domev-Cohen holds a BSc in biotechnology engineering from Ort Braude in Karmiel, MSc and PhD from the faculty of Medicine, the Technion.

    Yearit Rosentzwieg, Data Room and IP manager
    Mrs. Rosentzwieg acts as Data Room and IP manager. Over the past 5 years Mrs. Rosentzwieg has been working as HR & Administration Manager and has been working in Accellta Ltd since its inception. Mrs. Rosentzwieg has an extensive HR experience in large organizations, vast experience in customer service and operations in a large telecommunication company. Mrs. Rosentzwieg holds a BA in communications and an MA degree in Human resources & Services.

    Adv. Tal Noy-Cohen, Legal Counsel
    Life Science and Intellectual Property Partner at Golan Goldschmidt & Co. (LLB, LLM, MBA). In her capacity as legal counsel to Accellta Ltd. Tal is in charge of all legal aspects relating to the activity of the company including complex cross boarded licensing and technology transfers, regulatory pathways and dispute resolution. Tal has vast experience in the stem cell arena and has been involved in the stem cell activities of the Technion for over a decade. 

    Oshrit Tordjman HR & Administration Manager
    Mrs. Tordjman serves as HR & Administration Manager of Accellta. For the last 5 years, Mrs. Tordjman worked at various fields of HR Department at the Strauss Group and Adam Milo Institute. She gained extensive experience in customer service and HR departments in recruiting, training and personal & groups diagnosing.
    She holds a BA in Behavioral Science from The Max Stern Yezreel Valley College.