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Accellta provides custom-made solutions for mass production of high quality human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells, progenitors and differentiated cells for drug discovery, regenerative medicine and research.  Culturing is conducted in 3D suspension systems under feeder-free, adherent-free and xeno-free conditions. The tailored solutions dramatically reduce production time and costs.

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ISSCR 2016 Annual Meeting, June 22-25, San Francisco, US

ISSCR International Symposia, 22-24 March 2016, Kyoto, Japan 

Bio Europe Spring, 4-6 April 2016, Stockholm, Sweden

Israstem Joint Annual Meeting, April 5-6 2016, Tel-Aviv, Israel

The Red Herring 100 Europe 2016, April 11 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bio International Convention, June 6-9 2016, San Francisco, US

    • Pluripotent stem cells cultured as single-cells in suspension, providing enhanced uniformity and purity, serving as a platform for genetic manipulation.

    • Pluripotent stem cells cultured as aggregates in dynamic suspension devoid of feeder cell layer and/or microcarriers.

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    3D Suspension Culturing

    Feeder-free, Adherent-free, Xeno-free conditions

    Directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells in suspension

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